Macau and Australia cooperate on a broad range of issues, including trade and investment.


Our Government to Government dealings are strongly supported by several State Government Representative Offices and the Australian Consulate-General based in Hong Kong. The Australian Chamber of Commerce promotes business networking with Australian and Macanese entrepreneurs.


EFM's Investment Principle begins with the identification of potential growth regions, and like Macau - Sydney is a capital growth area.

EFM offers an underlying Asset of an income property in the Sydney outer central business district area with a growing demand for commercial-to-residential high rise development.


Sydney also has significant sustainability infrastructure developments       that impact the future of the City and lead the way towards meeting Internationally recognised Sustainabilty Benchmarks such as the Renewable Energy Master Plan [11 June 2013] with recommendations that include 100% of central Sydney's electricity, heating and cooling to be met from renewable energy by 2030.


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